Vaguely Writing a Book

I want to address the small elephant in the room. Now I say that being the only one who knows there even is an elephant in the room, while being the room’s sole occupant.

Bear with me while I attempt to meander along to an unclear outcome, as I need to be absolutely, categorically vague about this. Talking about a topic, with nothing really being said, is something I know I can do.

I may have mentioned, elsewhere on this website, that I am attempting to write a book. I can sense your confusion now because you haven’t read that much of the blog, or maybe even any of it! Well that’s awkward I have to admit, but let’s power through it with a summary. Me. Interested in writing. Only learning. Very raw. Blog and book as outlets for writing passion. Good, now we are all caught up. What was I saying…. Oh yes, I was talking about attempting to write a book fueled, mainly, by my own delusions of grandeur.

Thing is, I really am a complete novice – did I mention that, I can’t remember – when it comes to writing hence why I refer to myself as a ‘scribbler’ as opposed to a ‘writer’. Calling myself a ‘writer’ based on what I have done so far is the equivalent of me playing a Call of Duty demo, and believing I am a real Black Ops soldier. It’s just ridiculous. So describing the book I want to write would feel more than foolish at this stage, but I do want to share anything I learn from the process of trying. That, to me, is the more important topic at this stage and something that can be beneficial for others.

What I can say about the book is that I am using ‘Orphan’ for the working title. The book has a target of 100,000 words and I am currently at just over 14,000 – as you might have seen from the tracker dotted in a few spots around the website. The book is aiming to be in the ‘sword and sorcery’ genre and I have an outline mapped out for a large part of the story. I work full-time so a target of 3,000-5000 words a week is probably realistic, although I am hoping to exceed that as much as possible. I not only gave it a title, I mocked up a book cover! I know, just a little bit silly on my part but I had some sound reasoning behind it. Firstly, it appealed to my vanity of course, but secondly I really wanted a visual reminder, a marker to keep me working towards that goal. Due to some minor embarrassment, I am not going to show you the cover. Well, not for now at least. I might still be convinced to completely make a fool of myself, if prodded enough. Virtually prodded mind you, none of that real life hokum please.

I am under no illusions about the enormity of the task. Having no previous experience at writing, coupled with the learning curve I am facing, coming up with 100,000 words is beyond daunting. Even scarier is the fact that it is just going to be the first step! Sure, reaching a 100,000 words will be an amazing personal achievement. Making those 100,000 words into something worth reading afterwards? Therein lies the real challenge. In this instance I want to regret something I have done rather than the alternative. To have given it a go so I can maybe, one day, say ‘See that book on my shelf. No, not Harry Potter, the other one, with the sticky tape holding it together…. and the embarrassing cover. I printed that’ <puts a fake pipe in mouth and nods idiotically>. Sometimes you need to have a dream, even if it involves sticky tape.

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